Self Love Candle
  • Self Love Candle

    Made to fill your home with loving energy and it's sweet healing scent, this candle will assist with spell work and support you while meditating, by giving you something to focus on.


    This candle is made with healing essential oils that give it a very sweet, floral scent with an almost fruity undertone. As it melts, the herbs, essential oils and himalayan salt crystals will release their magic and fill the room.

    This special blend has been put together to help you connect with your Inner Divine, to connect with the Goddess/God inside you, and helpyou to love yourself!


    Vanilla: Often used in spells for love and friendship. It has both calming and strengthening properties, bringing personal empowerment and dispelling stress and anxiety. It can help to raise the positive vibrations in a room to enhance feelings of love, tranquillity and comfort. 


    Gardenia: Said to symbolise love, devotion and trust, Gardenia oil promotes relaxation and has been used to aid digestion and nutrient absorption since the beginning of Chinese medicine, urging you to love and take care of your body.


    Ylang Ylang: A very effective oil on the heart and throat chakras, as it instills insight and clear vision, allowing acceptance and faith to flow through the heart and mind. This oil assists with anxiety, sadness, and nervous tension, by uplifting the mood and inducing feelings of joy, and love. 


    Himalayan Salt Crystals: Not only helps one to experience self-love, but also, to take action and do things that self-love implies, for example; finding sense of purpose, to live a healthier lifestyle, learning to say ‘no’, or to take time for personal recreation and enjoyment.


    Crushed Rosebuds: Roses have a long history as a flower of love. They are one of the most common ingredients in love spells. The magickal properties of rose include love, luck, friendship, protection and happiness.