Protection Wax Melts
  • Protection Wax Melts

    In these wax melts is a unique blend of oils and herbs magickally handmade with healing and protection in mind. Created with a gorgeous blend of Lemongrass and Sandalwood, as they melt they release a gorgeous and energising earthy yet citrussy aroma.


    This special blend has been put together to clear any negative energy from your space and protect you from any bad energy that may come your way.




    Lemongrass: A highly energising essential oil, inhaling the aromas of Lemongrass can have the same effects as drinking a cup of coffee. It is also well known to help combat stress, migraines, and muscle spasms. In addition, it can assist in alleviating respiratory problems associated with seasonal allergies, making it brilliant for springtime, protecting you against all those nasties!


    Sandalwood: Helps bring you into the moment and is widely known to have a strong grounding effect to one’s energy. Those who often find themselves distracted mentally, or feel they’re elsewhere energetically, especially while meditating, tend to experience a sharper presence in the here and now when using Sandalwood.


    Desert Sage: Used to ward off bad feelings and influences, this widely used herb is used for purifying, protection and inner strength. It is said to bring pleasant thoughts and relieve headaches and anxiety.