Tarot T-Shirt
  • Tarot T-Shirt





    This limited run of t-shirts has been made with all our spiritual witchy friends in mind, to give you ultimate powerful Mother, Maiden, and Crone powerful female energy. Each of us have these energies and carry them from the ancestral line of all the magical women that came before and will come after us. We are one. We are you. You are us . Together, we will rise up in our divine power!


    The Unhinged Witch: Balancing life, magic, and motherhood; she holds crystals to keep her centered , uses herbs to heal and alchemise her life and the lives of her loved ones . Her moon (daughter) and sun (son) are forever with her and represents the balance and beauty of motherhood. The Unhinged represents the yin and yang of an Fire and Earth ; full of love even though her heart has been let down .


    The Bad Witch: Carrying the snake around her arm that represents Lillith; embracing the shadows, defeating her demons, and continued fierce resilience against obstacles. The bitten apple acknowledges her disdain for patriarchy. Her books illustrates her thirst for knowledge filled with spells, HERstory, and life goals. The branches shows her mother energy as well as being grounded and steady.


    The Reiki Witch: A protective energy that will create and destroy. Her axe carries Chango energy which like her, is protective and magical just as her energy ball creates healing. The moons are shown in different colors to symbolize alignment within the chakra system. Her sexual energy is prominent and she walks tall with no regrets , although society begets it. She walks vast planes of this realm and others.