Cleanse Candle
  • Cleanse Candle

    Made to fill your home with its cleansing, magickal and healing scent. This Cleansing Candle is made with Tea Tree and Coconut essential oils which are sure to refresh and revive your mind and your energy.


    This special blend has been put together to clear anything blocking your path, and to help to cleanse your space from any negativity.




    Tea Tree: This oil is known to breaks hexes, filters out negative energy and vibrations and purify the energy in your space. This beautifully fragrant oil is a powerful source of purification and protection.


    Coconut: It is clear proven that coconut water has detoxification powers; meaning it can help clear toxins from your body. Coconut is also known to speed up healing and can make a huge impact on your body through inhaling the aromas.


    Sand, Shells and Stone from Mersea Island Beach, England: Connecting land to water, we wanted to incorporate something close to our hearts, so added is some purified sand from the beaches of Mersea Island with shells incorporated.


    Shiva Shell from beaches of New Zealand: The Shiva Shell, sometimes called Pacific Cat’s Eye have been believed to open the Third Eye Chakra which transform and mute negative energy. It contains Water energy and is believed to sharpen intuition, which in turn enhances the discernment and deepen understanding.